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  • Questions from a new member of this forum

    Greetings from Florida,

    I'm considering the Carswell Triple Chrome Plating Kit for my home use. I have two questions that I hope someone can be kind enough to answer.

    1. I read that a small HAZMAT fee is charged for shipping some materials. Should I expect any other fees or licensing to operate this kit out of my home for personal use or should I expect any visits from the EPA? Don't laugh! I am new at this!

    2. Could someone please tell me what you believe are the most dangerous aspects of operating this type of setup and which require the most attention to remain safe?

    Thank you in advance,
    Mike, Jacksonville[/b]

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    you will not get a visit from the epa since your on a hobby level and will be well below the reporting requirements but still dont dump anything down the drain,use containers for waste water or whatever liquid waste you may have and let it evaporate and if you have any solids left dispose of them at your local,city,county etc.etc. disposal facility.

    the main concern if have a spill containment system in place just in case.



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      feedback from direct experience

      For what it's worth, I was a little concerned when I first started plating too. But I've only had one "incident" occur, and it was NOT any fault of the kit or the process- but one word of advice; IF you set up where the heaters are kept near the buckets and all plugged into a shared power strip, ALWAYS check and check again that ALL the heaters are either put in the chemicals OR unplugged BEFORE PLUGGING IN THE POWER. To do otherwise is to smell smoke and then see fire on one or more about 30 seconds after powering up. On the positive side, it appears that none of the chemicals are flammable. Seriously, it's a reasonably safe hobby if you use common sense about handling the chemicals, etc. and follow the directions. If you're starting from scratch, I've got my chrome 3 gal set-up with all the cabinet, labratory power supply. etc. listed for sale. I'm happy with its capabilities, but most of my customers here are interested in powdercoating, so that's what I'm focusing on. I can make you a great deal on it.