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Rectifiers vs batteries

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  • Rectifiers vs batteries

    Thank you bhhodges and dagobert for answering my previous questions in the topic "Questions from a new member of this forum". I appreciate that.

    One thing about the power.. I have seen for sale the rectifiers and what I believe are THE way to go vs batteries and all the ways to control the amps. I have access to batteries, battery chargers, bulbs and such. I understand wiring. So, my question is since I am probably going to buy the 4.5 gal Triple Chrome Kit system, is there a rectifier anyone could recommend that is a good bang for the buck and suitable for this scale operation? Or, do you pros think I can do most any part that will fit into a 4.5 gallon container with the battery setup? I don't want to necessarily purchase anything for the sake of overkill but I definitely want a to do a job that turns out looking good. I'll do the battery setup if you think that's all I need. I plan to do parts from my motorcycles mostly and also nuts and bolts, hangers, springs and such. I'll spend a little extra to save a lot of time if you think that's a factor.

    Thanks again,
    Great forum.

    Mike, Jacksonville

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    let the facts speak for themselves

    My best suggestion (and the way I approached the same issue when setting up my own shop) was to first subscribe to a copy of the online version of the plating manual (make sure to get the update with the nichrome wire appendix) and then read what the folks who make the kit suggest isa involved in both approaches. Then, come back to these boards and do a search on such issues as "plating problems", "power suppy", "rectifier", etc. until you see what problems with which versions people who use the kits have asked about in the past. No need to reinvent the wheel. That's why I went with the power supply, and with a good quality one. It just takes one more variable in the process and puts it directly under your control. Does it HAVE to be done that way? Of course not. In fact, for the larger items, I also aquired a 500 foot roll of nichrome wire and the set up as described for doing larger plating that is too big for my rectifier, just to cover all the bases. Do your research, and keep asking questions. I will give a well-earned endorsement to the people at Caswell's; they have been VERY patient and informative, and stand behind what they sell. So if you're going to get into this hobby, then they would be the ones to deal with. And if you search around the web and find a site called "", run away, run away- and hold your credit card number in BOTH hands while doing so! Trust me on this one; you'll be glad you did.