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  • wop1969
    Well I did the same thing for the same reason and here is my findings.
    1: If you want to give real chrome plating services the copy chrome will not do (people are picky)

    2: the triple chrome kit is capable of doing show quality work but you will need a plethora of polishing wheels and compounds, and you will also do allot of different grits of sand paper, relock pads and a dremill with sanding attachments to get show quality out of a part that is not in perfect condition. If a part is brand new and flawless you might plate it with no sanding just minor polishing. ( these are the cake jobs I look forward to them)

    3: If the companies that you motioned need things plated that don't need to be show quality and they give you parts that in nice shape to start then you will have it easy for example I have a few accounts to do tin plating, the parts are copper and in perfect shape when I get them and they don't worry to much about looks all they care about is the thiqkness of the plate (I have about 10 micrometers for checking plate thickness)

    To sum it up I hade to get allot of polishing stuff that cost some cash
    and depending on what you do there can be allot of dirty sanding and polishing But let me try to ell you how it feels to take a rusty old bracket from a vintage car and make it shine with show quality and even look better then store bought chrome from the auto parts stores, well ;ets just say its very rewarding
    let me know if you have anymore questions

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  • 8mpg
    started a topic Looking for Chrome advise

    Looking for Chrome advise

    Well, after looking around for something to do in my spare time, I figure I would start into poweder coating. Well, after thinking about it, there are no decent chromers around me. I know of several businesses that ship everything to get a good chrome job done. Anyways, what all would I be getting myself into? I know its not cheap to start, but it looks do-able. I know triple-chrome is going to be the best but what about CopyChrome? Would it be an acceptable finish and hold up to chrome standards?

    Im really lookin into buying a small kit to see if I can get it to work out, but I noticed that copychrome is way way cheaper. What do you suggest?