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How about Gold on Gold ?

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  • How about Gold on Gold ?


    Please forgive my ignorance,
    I've not tried plating yet,
    although I just ordered the 1.5 gall. Nickel kit.

    What I am curious about, is 'beefing' up existing gold plating.
    The gold tends to wear off of gold plated parts on guitars.

    I was wondering if I could simply add more gold..
    and make a thicker, tougher layer?

    I read the info about thoroughly cleaning items,
    before attempting to electroplate them....
    is that all that needs to be done to the existing gold finish,
    before I begin adding more gold?
    Does it have to be 'acid etched' first, or something?


    best regards,

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    I belive that you can gold over gold but if it wears down to the nickel it will have to be cleaned before it would think about plating with gold and you might try activating the nickel, I cant remember the solution. Or you can get a small wand style nickel kit so that you can degrease the part nickel it and then re-gold. Try just going over worn spots with gold I know it cant hurt it either it will work right away or it wont. Let me know how it works for you.


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      No, what I want to do, is go over brand new gold,
      before it gets worn at all..
      and beef it up, so it won't wear off in the future.



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        Just clean it with acetone or laquer thinner to remove all the grease and go over it it will take more gold. The longer you go over something or the longer you leave it in the tank the more plating it will build up


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          That's fantastic.
          I was expecting something more difficult.

          I guess I'll have to buy a gold kit next?
          Or can I just 'convert' my Nickel kit to do gold?

          With guitars, many people have begun to avoid gold plating,
          out of frustration with how quickly it wears off.

          I'd like to do some restorations, that get a reputation for
          being better than the original!

          Thanks for your help.


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            No problem