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NEWBIE Chrome Plating Question????

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  • NEWBIE Chrome Plating Question????

    Hi, I'm 100% newbie, and I have some polished aluminum rims on my car, and I want to chrome plate them. I need help on what to buy, and how to do it myself, is this possible? please help me.....

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    Re: NEWBIE Chrome Plating Question?

    I only want to chrome plate the front of the wheel(the part that you see the most) I don't want to do the whole wheel.


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      Re: NEWBIE Chrome Plating Question?

      I answered this in the other forum before seeing it here.

      Even half a rim would need a couple of hundred amps of power and a very large amount (30 Gallons or so) of solution to plate.

      Are you willing to invest several thousand dollars to get set-up to do this? There's also a learning curve to plating; you're not going to be able to just set-up the kit, dump your rims in and out they come plated.

      If you're serious about learning to chrome plate, and have never plated before, we suggest starting by buying a 2 Gallon nickel plating kit, read the manual, become an expert at nickel plating. Then, invest in a Triple Chrome kit....but even then, it's just not practical to think you'll be able to plate bumpers and rims.

      Better to leave bumpers and rims to the plating shops and concentrate on the smaller items.
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