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how to create a satin finish on gold plated material

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  • how to create a satin finish on gold plated material


    How can I create a satin finish on gold plated finish. As you know, gold plated finish is soft and not very thick. Any idea? Any hint about the combination of buffer and compound


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    Can you specify what the base metal is that you are finishing?

    If the base is unplated, and you are planning on gold finishing it, then you could prepare the part with a very light sandblasting. Use the finest aluminum oxide you can find, but never less than 320 grit. Caswell has a variety of abrasives for this application. Don't be tempted to use anything more coarse or you will get a dull finish.

    Depending on what affect you are trying to achieve, you might even try a small brass wire wheel. It will give you a grained finish, even on brass.

    Next, nickel plate and finally apply the FastGold. This product works very well and should give you the effect you desire.

    I don't know what to tell you if you already have a gold plate on the item. As you said, the gold plate is very thin, and chances are anything you do, including buffing, will abrade it off. You might try the brass wheel idea, but again, chances are you'll be doing some touch up with the FastGold.

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      If you haven't gold plated yet, do as above. Other options for pre-finishing are 1200-1500 wet-or-dry paper used wet.

      Also, light gray or white Scotch-brite pads. Any of the above should be at any auto parts or paint store that does custom mixing.


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        Excellent suggestion on the Scotchbrite.

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