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Zinc plating on running seal surface?

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  • Zinc plating on running seal surface?

    I need to refinish some drive flanges for a VW transmission, and my plan was to sandblast and then plate them. Everything sticking out of the trans case is no problem, but the flange sticks out through a seal

    The flange has an area that a rubber oil seal rides on, so that surface has to be very smooth, and these old flanges are showing signs of wear in the form of grooves, pitting, and rust in some cases.

    I wanted to sandblast the area clean, then use sandpaper held against the spinning flange to smooth the surface in prep for the plating. I'd plate for about an hour to get 0.001" thick plate, then smooth that with fine sandpaper on the spinning flange.

    I need to know if the zinc plate is strong enough to withstand the seal constantly spinning on it, if it will wear the zinc, will the zinc embed into the seal, what are the chances of it flaking off and getting inside the trans, etc....just thoughts or comments about it.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Zinc will wear a little better than copper but chrome would work best....