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trouble plating with 18K fast gold solution

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  • trouble plating with 18K fast gold solution


    I have some problems plating with the 18K fast gold solution using the Plug N Plate tool. When I pat the piece with the wand, a black layer appears only after some second. What could be the cause? too much impedance for that solution? Should I wrap the wand with a thicker bandage? I cleaned the piece with acetone before the operation and washed it with soap and rinsed it with water. The piece was dry when I plated it. I didn't got this result when I plated the same kind of piece (a watch) with the 24K solution for plug N Plate. I plated on gold. This was to repair a worn gold plated watch. It wasn't eroded to stainless steel, There was still a layer of gold on top of the stainless steel.

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated

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    Re: trouble plating with 18K fast gold solution

    I have experienced a similar issue. I have been dip plating small items using the 24k Plug and Plate solution and system with great results. I recently bought a bottle of 18k fast gold solution and when I try to plate a perfectly polished and cleaned item, it comes out completely dull and is really difficult to polish back up. What's going on?


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      Re: trouble plating with 18K fast gold solution

      When brush plating with the gold, once the plating starts, use only the bandaged tip material to apply. The charge will be transferred through the bandage and allow the gold to deposit. This should help with the burning of the plating that is happening. Extend the wound bandage at least 1/4" beyond the tip.
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