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  • Need to Pick a Kit

    I have various sized automotive nuts / bolts, screws and other small flat metal items that I would like to chrome or atleast look the part.

    1- I keep juggling the electroless kit and the "plug and plate copy chrome" kits around. Which of these would be best suited to my application?

    2- I was also thinking of buying only the plug and plate components that I do not already have. A) Is it possible to use a battery charger instead of the provided power supply? B) Will any small piece of SS work for the wand? C) What is the "Wand Bandage", cheesecloth?

    3- I have searched for kits to repair plastic plated items and Caswell has recommended something called "Silvachrome". None of the links that you provide seem to work for me. Is this product still available?

    Thanks, and sorry 'bout all the questions.

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    Re: Need to Pick a Kit

    We would recommend the Electroless Krome kit for this application. The Plug N Plate kit would be tedious for all these small parts.

    You could also consider the conventional Copy Chrome kit, which uses conventional plating techniques instead of electroless.

    We recommend the Electroless Kit if all you plan to plate are smaller items.

    See and

    2 - Yes, you can use an alternate power supply, although you will find that the power will be harder to control and make more work for you.

    Yes, you can use any piece of SS with a power lead attached. You can use an old T-shirt or similar material as a bandage.

    3 - Silvachrome is being re-worked. You can look at our Conductive Sprays if you're interested in plating non-conductive items.

    Mike Caswell
    Caswell Inc
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