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Chroming 1 Section At A Time

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  • Chroming 1 Section At A Time

    I want to chrome plate a couple of motorcycle fenders among other bits. I realize it takes a lot of current to throw chrome(1-2amps/sq.inch), so can I chrome the fender one section at a time? Will I have visible marks where it overlaps the previous section? Will there be problems where the fender sticks out of the plating solution? Can they be buffed out? Thanks for your time, Mitch. PS I like your site and have purchased your plating manual.

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    Re: Chroming 1 Section At A Time

    Yes, you can plate part of the item, then flip it around and plate the other part.

    There will be a line, but you should be able to buff it out. Some careful planning about placement of your part in the plating tank might help position the line in a less visible area.
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