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Can a newbie chrome for profit witht he caswell kit

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  • Can a newbie chrome for profit witht he caswell kit

    Hi & Happy Holidays to everyone:
    I am a long time commercial powder coater, but now starting to get some requests from a large powder coating customer of mine to do some chroming for him. These are very small parts (about the size of 15 stacked 1/2 dollars). Can I obtain proffesional results with the Caswell chroming kits, and at the same time, make some profit? I have shop full of equipment for powder coating (media blasting, air compressers, die grinders ect. ect.). What else besides the Caswell chrome kit do I need, & how do you fiqure pricing? I always stayed away form chrome work as to avoid the Haz Mat reg's. Is this really a big deal? Any BTDT advise would be GREATLY apprecieted!

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    If you're conscientious, and you don't dump the solutions into the sewer systems, and you closely abide by Caswell's instructions and use the material to hold the gases in solution, and have a fume hood in your shop, then it should be pretty safe. It's when folks get impatient and careless that accidents are more likely to happen--and they do.

    Personally (and this is just my own opinion), I'd never use the chrome materials inside of a home. For me the consequence of the risk is too serious. So, add to the above an outside ventilated garage or out-building that doesn't vent back to the home--with locks to keep young curious fingers away.

    Also, personally I'd keep the tank size small, in the few gallon range. But some like bigger tanks. The bigger the tank, the bigger the personal risk and liability. So you must be more disciplined and responsible.

    Absolutely never, ever use any cyanide based stuff, period. The problem is that as soon as you introduce a cyanide plating material, everything in the process prior to it has to be cyanide compatible. For example, drag-in from an acid pickle could release quantities of cyanide gas, which is deadly poisonous.



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      Oh, and one more thing. You CAN indeed, absolutely obtain professional results (or dare I say, better!!) with ALL of Caswell's stuff. Much if it is from award-winning innovative manufacturers used throughout the plating industry. It's good stuff. And, no I am not affiliated with Caswell and was not paid to say that.

      Caswell also provides better tech support than anyone else in the small scale plating business. And, if you get stuck, we here in the Forum are happy to help as well.

      But you'll have to learn how to clean and prep. The trick behind successful plating is in preparation work.



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        are any of the chemicals from caswell used for chroming cyanide based?


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