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  • My Introduction

    Hello ! My name is Mark, and I'm a 23-year aerospace worker near the "Gateway City".
    My project is the restoration of a 100+ year old 2-box wall phone. After a lot of wood repair (almost ready to re-finish) and stripping the old nickel from all the brass components, I looked for a local plater to re-nickel all the brass hardware.
    My problem: None of the platers I contacted wanted to "mess with all those tiny parts" (including about 40 small wood and machine screws).
    Cruising the Internet for an alternate solution led me to Caswell. After spending a couple of hours reading the posts in your forum, I believe I've found my solution - DO IT MYSELF !
    I've ordered your 1.5 gallon Nickel electroplate kit and a nickel PNP kit for the screw heads (all new brass). I can't wait for it to arrive, so I can start reading the manuals !
    Your forum is a wealth of information, and I thank all who participate.

    Wish me Luck !

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    Good luck, Mark do not forget to post some pics when your done...
    Jeff B.
    Instructions for riding a Warrior: 1) sit on bike, 2) start bike and idle till warm, 3) pull in clutch and put in gear, 4) release clutch and rip on the throttle, 5) {VERY IMPORTANT!!} HOLD THE F*** ON!!!, 6) Enjoy!! Side effects may include whiplash, wrinkle free skin, and an evil smile resembling the "Joker".


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      Good luck. The biggest mistake every beginner makes is underestimating the problem of providing good preparation and cleaning. Please take the time to carefully read all the forum info on cleaning and preparation.

      I have found that a great way to polish small intricate parts is with a small vibratory tumbler. It takes a few days but the results are awesome. Consider that as well.

      Also, strongly consider an ultrasonic cleaner. I continue to be absolutely amazed at the difference ultrasonic cleaning makes as part of the pre-plate process. It's easy to underestimate it, but recognize that ultrasonics clean deep into the material, where buffing grease or media polish will stick and you can't even see it and certainly can't easily remove it by manual means. You'll save a lot of frustration.

      Let us know if you need help.


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        Hello Dadkar2 -
        Don't worry, during my 23 years in Aircraft Assembly, I have been involved in structural adhesive bonding and am well acquainted with "chemically clean and water-break-free" surfaces. I also have an ultrasonic cleaner, which I fully intend to use !
        Thanks for the tips - keep 'em coming !



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          Ah, then my error in terminology using the word "beginner"! Great to hear that you've got the tools to do the job right.

          Kind regards,