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    I have a motorcycle shop and I am thinking of do my own plating and I am trying to pick out a triple chroming kit that is just right for me. I was thinking of starting off small and I am wondering if the 4 gal triple plating kit is good for a beginner and for a repair shop, if not please let me know which kit is the best one for me. Also does the 4 gal kit comes with rectifiers.

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    Re: plating equipment

    Yes, the 4 gallon kit is what I would recommend for starting a small shop, although it\'s certainly jumping in head first

    The cautious approach would be to start off with a small kit, like the 1 gallon nickel plating kit. You read the manual, plate a few objects with nickel, get a feel for the whole process. Then you\'ll be more comfortable making a serious investment.

    None of our kits come with rectifiers. The manual discusses several alternative power supplies and you should probably try one of these before spending $$ on a rectifier.
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      Re: plating equipment

      I have the same idea. I have a two gallon kit, so I am one step ahead. I believe the best way, is to get started small and master the process before investing the money on a larger line. I have found that the main factor to consider in getting started is the actual power supply you will be using to plate with. A 25 amp power supply will allow you to do the copper and nickel plate on just about any thing on a bike, the chrome process requires significantly more power. With a 25 amp power supply, your biggest piece that you will be able to chrome would probably be a master cylinder or handle bar controls, bolts, maybe headlight bezels, etc.


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        Re: plating equipment

        yes i think so, that's the best way right now.
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          Re: plating equipment

          I am planning on doing the same thing. I am going to buy the triple chrome kit 3 gal kit also. And just start out doing small items that I have laying around the house etc..
          My main concern is the power supply what is the recommended power supply for this kit, as stated above I want to do chrome plating on motorcycle parts and some car parts and other small items.
          Only other question is can I plate ABS Plastic with this setup?
          Thanks for the help and I hope I choose the correct setup.