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What is the difference between Chrome and Nickel?

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  • What is the difference between Chrome and Nickel?

    Besides the obvious, why would I use chrome over nickel? The shine seems to be about the same? Is chrome a more durable finish? How well will nickel hold up in the elements? What if I plated wheels or car parts with it? How well would it hold up? I am new to plating and any info is appreciated.


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    Most of the corrosion resistance for the base metal comes from the nickel.

    Additional corrosion resistance for the nickel comes from the chrome coating.

    Without the chrome, the nickel will darken and dull with age and exposure.

    It will last much longer with the chrome, although eventually as you know even chrome plated parts will begin to show its wear.

    So it depends on what kind of exposure your parts will have to the elements.

    If you want to simulate chrome with nickel, use the copy chrome. It is nickel with a little bit of cobalt in it to give it that slight bluish tint that chrome has (as opposed to the slightly yellowish tint that nickel has)