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nickel tank contamination?

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  • nickel tank contamination?

    is it possible to plate out contamition from a nickel tank or will it have to be filtered. if filtering is the way whats the best way to do this? 35 gal tanks . any info would be just great thanks . clydes

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    What contaminated the tank? If it is heavy metal ionic contamination (dissolved metal), then plating out is your only hope. If it is organic contamination (eg metal particles and dirt or too much brightener), then filtering is the only option.

    Caswell sells a carbon filter kit for filtering out organic contamination. You might try setting up this filter with your tank and just running it overnight. In the morning, throw out the filter insert and carbon filter, replace it, and run it for another 12 hours. By the time you've cycled the tank through a few times, you will probably be as clean as this approach is going to give you.

    A 35 gallon tank is fairly large. You might want to alternatively consider an outboard fish tank filter. Buy plenty of activated charcoal and filter insert material. Good luck.



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      You might want to do some reading on maintaining a nickel tank. That's a lot of nickel to just get rid of if something goes wrong.

      If you are interested I can give you some suggested reading via email. Hope you took high school chemistry.



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        that would be great. any info would be helpful. i filtered all night last night and am waiting for the tank to heat up now to see if that worked but it would be great to have a back up plan. thanks clydes