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  • Copy Chrome Safety

    Can anyone tell me if copy chroming can be done safely in doors? And also how bad are the fumes from Sp Degreaser? Thanks for any advice at all?

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    By "in doors" do you mean in your garage or actually in the living area of your house?

    Copy Chrome solution has a bit of a odor when heated to 115 degrees F. however, many have been using the solution at 75 to 90 degrees with good luck and hardly any odors.

    Now, if it were me, I would not plate in the actual living areas because of all the acids you will be using.

    If you were to spill any of the plating solution in the house it would be bad enough. Spill acid and all kinds of bad things will happen.

    I can't stress the safety enough about handling/using all the stuff we use for plating. The garage would be about the closest I would get as far as "in doors" would be for me.

    I hate to admit this, but here goes:
    Some time ago I kicked over a jug of muriatic acid (I forgot to replace the lid).
    Only about a pint spilled on the garage floor and it started to foam up on the concrete.
    The fumes it released rusted everything that was bare steel in the entire garage (lathe chucks, drill press table and column, etc.) and I had a film of haze on all my motorcycle chrome.

    I had to wash all my bikes, my 66 Mustang and wash down everything in site. It was a heck of a job and a hard lesson learned.

    Just imagine if this happened in the living areas.
    Nope. Would not do it.



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      Thanks for your input. I was thinking about doing it in the basement but I better make a place in the garage. My garage is not heated so I will have to wait until spring to start plating. You have been very helpful.

      Thanks Tim