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  • couple questions

    With electroless nickel can you chrome plate over it?

    Will eletroless chrome DEFINETLY not tarnish? (ie. like nickel will not under chrome in show chrome)

    How much surface area do the various kits (2L, 4L etc...) plate? is there a variation from the nickel kit and chrome kit?


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    Re: couple questions

    Yes, you can chrome plate over electroless nickel.

    No, I can\'t say that it definitely won\'t tarnish. I can\'t say that about any plated finish, even real chrome, which will blue under high heat. The electroless krome is a modified nickel kit, so will tarnish over years if not polished, just like a regular nickel plate.

    At 0.25mil, the 2 liter kit will plate 300 sq in, the 4 liter kit will plate 2880 sq in, the 12.5L kit will plate 6000 sq in. The electroless nickel and electroless krome kits will both plate the same amount.
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