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plating M/C brake rotors

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  • plating M/C brake rotors

    What plating would be best for use on motorcycle disc brake rotors?
    durability is the big factor,appearance is secondary. I own several vintage British bikes and I am looking for a durable, clean finish.

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    I had a 650cc BSA twin in college, so I know what motorcycle disc brake rotors are. I ultimately replaced it with a 903cc 4 cyl. 4 stroke Kawasaki Z1 "road rocket", now that thing was a machine, but I degress.

    We have some people here who are quite experienced in restoring vintage motorcycles, including plating for the same. I have a question; considering how disc brakes work, is any kind plating suitable for anything other than a show bike? One that sees little actual road use?

    Motorcycle platers to the rescue.


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      I am a master mechanic that has ridden and been around bikes for years. Do you intend to ride this bike? Not to say there is not a plating for brake rotors but I have not run across one yet. Due to the high heat generated and the abrasiveness of disc pads a plating would not hold up to much driving. Not to mention if a resurface was needed to correct warpage or parallelism. Most rotors I have dealt with had the center area painted or plated but the braking surface was ground. I don't know if this helps but good luck. I am restoring a 78 KZ1000 Police now. Lots of fun but lots of work.