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quick and easy degreasing

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  • quick and easy degreasing

    well .. i could not stay away.....

    but here is what i use to degrease:

    1. rubbermaid 20gallon plastic tote ( you can get them any where)
    2. 2 300 watt heaters ( caswell got them get the contoler to)
    3. 1/4" plastic water line (ice maker ect)
    4. air pump( i use my compressor )

    Now here is the step's to build ( no pic's sorry)

    take your line and poke holes every where. then more the better.

    i used expoxy to hold the lines in the tank..

    i ran them around the tank 3" from the bottom and 2 rows in the center i used brass 3 ways that can be found almost any petstore/ hardware/ store i think CASWELLS sell's them to.

    then i placed the heaters 3" from the bottom i epoxied pvc pipe to hold them off the bottom and zip tied them

    in each corner i epoxied 2" pvcpipe 4" up and in the center i placed 2

    i then placed a metal grate ( from the bbq) in the tub. this is rested on the pcv pipes 2"

    filled the tub with degrease (2 gallons) then fill with water about 4" from the top

    now plug in the heaters and turn on the pump let the tank heat up to around 140f

    now with the tank warm and bubbling take your part's and lower then in the tank til the rest on the grate( you can use a coat hanger or bend some thing to act as a hook) i let them in there 30 minutes and check on them .. if still greasey leave in long and when you are done rinse part with water and dry......

    you get a home made hot tank with ultra sonic cleaner built in ....

    for heavy covered part's i use kero in place of the degrease .. but I've got 2 tanks built

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    couldnt you just add an air supply manifold in the bottem of your normal tank like you do in the copper or nickel? clydes


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      yes you can ... i forgot one thing above.. i drilled a hole in the lower part and put a valve for easy draining..........

      i used it today to clean valve covers and a oils pan... but i put box and ahalf of lye in there and they were cleaner than ever...

      if you use lye it will eat your skin be careful


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        Eat your skin so be careful... unless you got a death wish.
        Sorry I just had to haha.


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          i got super duty pumps forsale they work great on hottanks :

          email me if interested [email protected]


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            how would you go about doing a tank to strip off old valve cover of grease along with the paint down to the metal

            Drive It Like You Stole It


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              Sand blasting