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  • Boron Nitride examples...

    does anyone have any pictures of the results of the Boron Nitride plating kit? I'm REALLY interested in this setup, if it'll do something I'm looking for. PLEASE, either post some pics, or a link to more info on Boron Nitride coatings... --Funk

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    isnt that more of a powder coating question? just wondering. but it seems like it would be from what i have read. clydes


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      well, since the boron nitride system is a plating process, not a "spray on and bake" finish, similar to the electroless nickel system but for the addition of a agitating air pump and a different chemical or two...

      so, anyone have any experience with this new system? I'd REALLY love to see some examples. --Dave


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        ok now im interested. ill follow this one. what is it simailer to.


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          anyone? anything?

          has anyone even used this system? why don't you wanna show off your work?

          I mean, c'mon. there's gotta be examples of Boron Nitride plating floating around here SOMEWHERE.

          HELPPPPPPP!!! --Dave


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            I'm actually curious what the tint is - is it chrome-ish? Or black? Or what? I'd love to plate the direct cooking surfaces on my stove pieces with this stuff!


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              Re: Boron Nitride examples...

              It seams like no one has examples, not even Caswell have examples to show people. Well I broke down and bought a kit, and I?ll post a picture of the first thing I get around to plating.


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                Re: Boron Nitride examples...

                Did you get around to plating something yet? I also want to see a test item.



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                  Re: Boron Nitride examples...

                  I have plated a test coupon with the boron nitride plating kit, this dull gray seems consistent with what I've done so far.Click image for larger version

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