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  • Temperature for Copy Chrome

    Hi All,

    I live in the Caribbean and I’m setting up to do my first plating using Copy Chrome in a 15 gal tank. I got an Email from Tech Support to use it at 75 deg F. I suddenly realize it may get down to 75 deg F here in the morning, but most time of the day, especially during summer I would be dealing with 80-100 deg F.
    I now wonder,
    - Do I have to install air conditioning?
    - Will I get away with it, using the Copy Chrome process at 80-100?
    - Does anyone know an easy way to bring the temperature of tank down in this case?
    Advice is much appreciated.


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    I can't see why it wouldn't work at the elevated temperatures you're describing.



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      Re: Temperature for Copy Chrome

      I have been using Copy Chrome for a year here with great results when I first started I tried to plate at just 75 but I found that the Copy Chrome works best at 95-110 with lower amps the book says 1 amp per 16sq? but I usually cut this in half and plate for a longer time for instance if it says 1 hour I plate for 1.5 hours
      Jim Eaton