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    bought copy chrome kit last year and finally plating.
    READ THE MANUAL. I have two of them and keep one in garage for plating questions and on in night stand for reading at night. I think its good reading and gets your mind thinking on something worthwhile.

    POWER CONTROL YES the lightbulb regulator REALLY works. I used old dash board lights and their holders hot glued to a small board and two 1157 bulb holders screwed to the board also ( they are old motorcycle lights)
    the dash light sockets are wired in parallel and the 1157\'s are connected with spade connectors as needed. I am currently using 12v bulbs and a lawn mower battery with the center tapped for 6v. I use one \"side\" then the other \"side\" of the battery to drain evenly. The dash lights are good for .14a each and the 1157\'s are .4a low side and 1.2a high side.

    I do however have some problems with pitting and am going to add another air rock to the tank and scrub my anodes. however i\'m pretty pleased with the results so far. I also get raves from friends on the plating so far.

    A question of my own is the plating comes out of the tank with a dull flat finish and buffs to a chome shine that i think is brighter than the engine guards i bought last fall. is this normal or should it be a bright plate right from the tank?

    hope this helps some one out there.

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    Re: copy chrome

    Thanks for posting your successes. Glad everything\'s working well for you.

    It\'s fairly normal for parts to come out of the tank dull and require a little polishing.

    Make sure you have buffed the parts to a high shine prior to plating.

    You can also experiment with your power and temperature. Sometimes a dull plate is caused by a slightly too low power current or too low temperature.
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