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  • Use of Brighteners

    We are new to the chrome plating world. We are using McGean-Rohco chemicals in our 17 gallon tanks. We have a copper cyanide, bright nickel bath and hexavalent chrome. Our tanks have been mixed about 4 months and have been used very little. When we take something from the copper tank - it is a very dull copper color and is very hard to buff out. When we dip something in the nickel tank - it comes out a dull silver-gray and is also very hard (almost impossible) to buff to a shine. My question is: a. How often do I add brightener? b. And how much do I add?

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    Re: Use of Brighteners

    We provide plating products for amateur platers and small shops.
    We don't sell cyanide systems

    If you purchased chemicals from this company, I suggest you contact them for your technical support.
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