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Re-plating old stove parts..

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  • Re-plating old stove parts..

    I have an antique stove that I came into posession of when I purchased my home, an old O'Keefe & Merritt. It has quite a few chrome (or nickel? Not sure) plated parts, and in some places the nickel has worn off to show the copper plating. Below is a picture of the parts:

    There are a few other pieces but they are in decent condition. The largest pieces (the two side burner covers) are just stamped metal. They have the copper showing through. The middle piece (grille) is a thicker, much heavier steel. Most of the rest of the pieces are just stamped steel, plated with copper then chrome. The base piece at the top of the picture however, is actually cast iron. (This stove was made in the 50's.)

    I know that I want to go with nickel plating, but the question I have is - which type? Electroplating, or electroless? I'm mostly concerned about coverage - the top is really where it's needed, as the bottom is exposed to direct flames. The top pieces (in the case of the broiler rack and the grill) need to have the tops coated.

    BTW, I have a sandblaster setup with glass bead/sand/alox, so I can blast all the pieces clean. I wanted to figure out what kit I'd need to plate these pieces.

    Any suggestions on kits are highly appreciated, especially sizes - I don't want to get too big of a kit and spend too much, nor do I want to get too small of a kit and not be able to plate the pieces. The larges pieces are the grill and side burner covers, approximately 12"-14" wide x 24" long. If it's possible to make your own "bath" so the pieces fit with minimal leftovers, I'd like to do that.