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Removing Tin Plating

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  • Removing Tin Plating

    I need to strip off the tin plating of some very small beryllium contacts so I can gold plate them. Only have a dozen to do.

    I know you can use nitric/hydrofluoric acid; however, I'm sure no company will sell me the stuff.

    Anyone have any alternative ideas?

    These are too small to beadblast or hand strip (sand/buff).


    George W.

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    I restore tin-plate track for model trains. The rails on the track are more dense then your contacts so care needs to be taken. I use a masons form of HCL for my rail (because the rail I restore is also rusty). Masons use it to remove excess cement from laying brick. I would however suggest a product called Poly-Zag (a calcium deposit remover for toilet bowls). This has worked on my rail with no rust but the original finish was too far gone to be of value.


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      Thanks for the info.
      I will give it a try.

      George W.