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    I have a set of golf irons that are chrome plated and show considerable wear. Will the plug +plate system do the job on this?

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    I'm not convinced plug n plate is for large parts. I use it extensively for small parts; eg, screws, small finials, finishing nails, etc--especially with gold. I much prefer immersion plating. Gold is tough to do as an immersion plating process due to the cost and shelf life issues. So I always plug n plate with gold.

    Also, the nickel levelers and brighteners don't really have a chance to do their job with the plug n plate method.



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      Oh, one more thing. For touch up repair, plug n plate is great too.



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        Shelf life of gold?

        Ken, how long is the shelf life of the gold solution for tank plating?

        I just ordered/recieved a quart (2) weeks ago along with a 24ct. gold anode.

        I have read some posts about the gold settling out of the solution (after some period of time) and then it is shot.

        Just wondering.

        BTW: The gold plating I am doing is coming out fantastic.
        I saved the company over $800.00 during the first 2 minutes of gold plating thanks to Caswell's supplies.

        Side question:
        Could I use a 14ct anode (verses the 24ct anode)?
        Reason: To have a more durable (harder) gold surface for electrical contacts (I have a few old 14ct rings I could melt down to make anodes).
        Will any adverse effects (such as screwing up the solution) crop up?


        George W.
        Orlando, FL


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          I really can't give you an infornmed answer on either question. These are best left to Caswell's support. I understand some had a concern about the shelf life and Caswell were investigating it with the supplier, but I never heard the resolution of that. It has been a few weeks.

          As far as the anode, I don't believe the gold solution dissolves the anode in any case, so the gold will come out of the solution--not out of the anode material. In this case, Caswell's stainless steel anode is all you need. You might check with him and then update us in this posting.



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            Oh, one more thing. I have had my latest batch of FastGold for over 2 years and it is still in solution, just fine.