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size rectifier needed?

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  • size rectifier needed?

    I want to plate an aluminum sheet 11\" x 21\". [the sheet has been folded to form the top and sides of a box]

    this is 1.6 sq ft/side. 3.2 sq ft total surface.

    \" A 12 to 15 volt DC power supply capable of 15 amps per sq. foot of workpiece surface area.\"

    does this mean that I will need a 30 amp rectifier for this project? Is it possible to use a lower amp power supply, and let it work longer?

    thanks for any advice.

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    Re: size rectifier needed?

    What kind of metal are you plating onto the aluminum? Each different metal requires a different amount of current, and they differ greatly.

    Chrome plating, for example, requires 1-1.5 amps/square inch of surface area. So your part would need 460 - 920 amps to plate.

    However, if you\'re anodizing, you need 0.1 amps/square inch, so you\'ll need 46 amps to anodize this part.

    No, you can\'t use a lower amp model and leave it in longer. The proper current is required to start and continue the process. If you use too low power, you could let it sit in the tank forever and it will do nothing.
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