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What finish for a gold Freewheel ??

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  • What finish for a gold Freewheel ??

    I am trying to figure out what type of plating is used for a traditional 1960's gold bicycle freewheel. The finish should be fairly durable, and is used to make the freewheel more "slippery" in order to make it easier to shift gears. Here's an example picture :

    if the link doesn't work just go to and search for "ORO Freewheel" to get some pictures.

    The puzzling thing is that no matter how much usage these freewheels get, they never turn green or black/grey. So I don't think it's brass and i don't think it's copper or bronze.

    There were some later freewheels with a champagne finish and i think those might have been chromate on cadmium or zinc. But I have not seen a golden finish to match a regina freewheel on the Caswell plating web site.