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  • Fastgold over solder

    I have several antique gold-plated jewelry items that have suffered more than one alteration over the generations, leaving patches of soft solder residue on the backs. I suspect that much of it is lead solder.
    I intend to purchase a Plug'n'Plate System, Fastgold and thickening powder to disguise this unappealing situation.
    To prepare the surface for the gold, do I need a nickel kit, a copper kit, or the combination kit; and use them in what order, over the lead solder? And over the non-lead solder? I see that Flash Copper isn't available in PnP formula; is an undercoat of PnP nickel a valid substitute?
    Must I use Pickle, or would that loosen the delicate soldered-on attachments?
    It's a lot to absorb; thank you for your help,

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    PNP Copper IS Flash Copper. Make sure the lead is very clean, then it should plate fine.
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