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I need a current density meter...

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  • I need a current density meter...

    I'm a newbie, baby plater who needs a current density meter so that I can automatically read the surface area of stuff I'm plating. I've seen CDM's on the web, but they run for $2000 and up.

    I'll probably break down and get one, if I can't find something much cheaper. But I'm trying to avoid spending that kind of dough, since I"m just a hobbyist at the moment [though moving slowly and carefully towards opening a tiny business].

    If there are any industry folks out there who feel like helping a rookie out, do contact me at [email protected] . Thanks.


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    Careful. Current density as they mean in it the instrument you are looking at is not the same thing.

    The meter finds the point of the highest current that is flowing in the work when current is applied. This can be important in plating to get even coverage. What you want is something that can sense (somehow) the overall surface area of the work, so that you can figure the current required for the current density your plating requires. Not the same thing at all.

    (edited for spelling)


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      Okay, thanks. I'll have to get back to my mentor on this one. He's been looking for a CDM for me. He's been in plating forever, and he's the one who told me about the CDM.

      So far, everything he's told me has been on target. In fact, yesterday I had my greatest plating session yet, due to applying the lessons I'm learning from him.

      Anyway, I'll get a clarification from him. Again, thanks a bunch for replying!


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        Current density meters...

        Fibergeek, my mentor just got back to me. I probably didn't explain myself well here at this forum. Apologize for that.

        Anyway, he says that what you're thinking about is a current flow meter as opposed to a current surface density area
        . I probably didn't describe it right, so you thought I was talking about the current flow meter thing-a-ma-bob.

        Of course, to me it's almost still Greek!

        But I'm definitely having fun learning about this stuff.


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          Would this be something similar to a fancy ohmmeter? As opposed to a ammeter?


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            I am not talkng about a "current flow meter" commonly called an "ammeter" or "amp meter".

            Go to and select CD200 Current Density Meter. READ the description, don't just stop with its name.

            This device will not give any indication of the surface area of a part. In order to determine the current to be applied to a part you take the prescribed current density for the plating type, specified in amps/sq.ft and multiply it by the surface area of the part, specified in sq.ft.. Since the sq.ft. terms now cancel out mathematically, you are left with amps, which is want you want.

            If such a device as you want was on the market every plater and anodizer would have one.


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              from my experiance it is very important to calculate the square inches of the part being plated but it also dosent have to be to the exact "milimeter" either just a calculated estimate as you plate more and more parts it gets easier to estimate the size as well.