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Aluminum Handgun Slide with GOLD PLUG N PLAY kit

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  • Aluminum Handgun Slide with GOLD PLUG N PLAY kit

    Hi, just need some help from some gunsmiths or whoever can help me please.

    i have a black aluminum slide sort of worn. the thing is i want it to be Gold plated so it turns out gold and shiny at the end.

    i just want to ask after i sand down the black to the aluminum, all i have to do is polish it up and use the Gold plug and plate kit right? would the solution cover my trademarks that they will disappear at the end? (which is bad). would i need any nickel plating first? or is the plug and plate gold all i need?

    i have no experience in this what soever. please kindly give me a hand if u can.

    i don't mind seeing pictures of your results using gold plug and plate also.

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    you will need to zincate it first, then nickel plate, then gold plate