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    I was thinking about getting the copy chrome so I could plate biger parts because I don't have the power to put the real chrome on the bigger parts.
    The copy chrome uses only 1amp per 15sq in'' like the nickel?
    and how much heat can it take, is it like the nickel too with the heat?
    You guys think this is a good way to go on this?

    What about the electroless krome?
    This one mite cost to much here.

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    i jst orderd a copy chrome tank with the same idea of larger part being plated. we only have a 250 amp rect. now . from what i have studied and ask from people using the system it sounds like a good fit plus if up put your nickel anodes in it it will function as a nickel tank. so what i under stand is the main diff is the anode(and no it doesnt work the other way just buying copy chrome anodes and using them in the nickel is what im told) but i havent tryed that. just the cost is kinda spendy. any ? 507-449-0159. hope it helps clydes