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Chrome plating guitar tuner

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  • Chrome plating guitar tuner

    Hello all,

    New member & first post...

    I’m restoring a bass guitar and need part of (1) tuning machine re-chromed. The other 3 machines are OK. See attached pictures.

    The tuner consists of a paddle/shaft/gear assembly, two u-shaped shaft holders and a flat mounting plate that fastens the whole machine to the back of the neck’s headstock.

    The shaft holders are “permanently” swaged to the flat mounting plate.

    I am unable to find a replacement part that matches this particular style.

    I’m interested to know what my options are? DIY products?

    Thanks in advance,


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    bass tuning keys

    hi johno697. until one of the fine people on this site with real experience give you an answer, you might want to look over the plug'n'plate systems. btw--if you get discouraged you could ship me your bass---lol. i fool around a little with bass myself. what year/model is it? mike


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      Have you used the plug-n-plate system? What did you plate? Size? Chrome? You have pictures?

      I think I'll be hanging on to my '66 Fender Jazz. I'm restoring it and would like to complete the project and play it for a few years (with or without nice tuners).



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        john, i have not used this system but am interested in it myself. i "lurk' here for the education until i'm ready to get started. that's a nice piece you have. my '79 precision looks ready to be restored. good luck with your project. mike