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Tank Size?

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  • mcaswell
    Re: Tank Size?

    Yes, all that would work.

    You could plate half of the item, then turn it around and plate the other half, or you could build a custom tank and transfer the solution.

    We don\'t list a 16 Gal Copy Chrome Kit, but give us a call and we\'ll put a quote together for you.

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  • Jdee
    started a topic Tank Size?

    Tank Size?

    My company has been thinking about setting up to do the Copy Chrome process by the first of the year. The biggest piece we would probably ever do would be like this Valve Cover on my Straight 8

    its about 12\" X 30\" total plus maybe 16\"sq for the ends Would a 16 Gal Copper \"for fill and repair\" and 16 Gal Copy Chrome kit
    with the 60 amp Rectifier work for something this size? If so would I need Custom Tanks for valve covers?
    Thanks for any info Jdee