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trying to replate a Saxophone

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  • trying to replate a Saxophone

    i have an old horn from 1909. i believe the body has silver plate and the keys are nickle. im not sure but thats what i think. the body has about 60% of the silver left so thats why im thinking about replating. people charge over $600 to do it so thats why want to do it. i have browsed around the products you sell, and i see that i can brush or soak it on, i would prefer soak,

    -but my question is can i put it in a bigger contianer to fit the instrument in?

    -also can i replate the whole instrument in nickle even though theres silver?

    -what products do i need to strip the plating on now.

    thank you so much and i hope to order this stuff soon.


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    Re: trying to replate a Saxophone

    Hi Billy,

    I've just ordered the 1.5 gal Nickel kit and the $116 pu pu platter of brush ons. I'm also looking to do saxophones and small marine parts.

    Everything I've read about replating saxophones says the inner tube must remain in bare brass or the tonal quality will change, and not necessarily for the better Keys and rods . . . no problem!

    My first victim will be a 1982 Bundy tenor. I'll wait on retouching my old Conns!

    Hope to correspond soon,



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      Hey, im still looking to see what kit i want. i have a holton c melody from 1909. it needs some silver plate work and then the keys look like they need to be done over which is nickle. any suggestions

      where in florida are you from, in my palm beach county.

      my email is bdsax @

      AIM: Saxer00


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        Don't you need to strip the old silverplate, then buff and polish before replating for best results? I'm a noob too and wanting to restore antique trumpets.