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Quadrajet/Holley Amperage n other questions

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  • Quadrajet/Holley Amperage n other questions

    Hello, I'm unemployed...yeah its Buffalo n.y.

    I'm thinking I can make some money plating.

    I have a battery acid bath with dual fishtank heaters, dual air pumps for large bubbles, 10amp 6/12 volt battery charger and homemade rheostat.

    It is impossible to find out how many square inches the carburetor is. What should I start out at??

    Also, i'm a little confused.

    I want the bodies to be DULL yellow/goldish..... and the linkages to be BRIGHT yellow.... How do I achieve this....

    Does the brightener do this.... or is it a dye?? or both..... and do I add the die to the battery acid solution??

    I do have the manual... but would like to know for sure....

    By the way... I am ordering my zinc anodes and any other dyes through Caswell.

    I used mulfuric (spelling?) acid to remove the old zinc.. and rust...and then sanded and buffed to a mirror finish.....

    What a pain.. took hours of work to get in tight spaces.... I like in an apartment.. and have no room for a compressor...

    Are there any alternatives to a sand blaster.... I was in A.C Moore the other day... and noticed these aerosol sand blasting kits... for glass etching... only thing is ... its just a regular paint can size and costs 10 dollars..

    Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated...
    I'm getting nervous about my first projects.... and mostly nervous about an even finish on the carburetors...

    Thank you...


    You can cotact me through email also.. [email protected]

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    dull and shiney finishes are also dependant of finish going in. Try not polishing parts but rather going for a satin finish before plating.
    If your talking about actual colour depth or hue I am afraid thats beyond me, hopefully someone else will volunteer that advice.


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      First off, I'm pretty sure that carbs are cadmium plated not zinc (someone will correct me if I'm wrong). I can't answer all your questions because I'm not familiar with zinc and how it is dyed to look yellow. To figure the surface area of the carb. break it down into simpler shapes such as cylinders, cubes...ect., and figure the sq in from that. Don't worry about all the little tiny surfaces, at 1Amp per 15sq in of surface, (if zinc is the same A/sqin as copper), being off in your calc by 3 or 4 sqin is no big deal. I doubt if you can regulate the power that closely. I have never heard of sandblast in a can. I use a homemade booth with a 5hp comp and it took me 2 hours to blast 24sqin part completely, at that rate it would cost more to buy the cans than a whole blast cabinet.
      As far as doing this in your apt., better not be too attached to the deposit.
      One other thing, Buffalo sucks, I lived there for 5 years, hated every min. of it. Good luck