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Running 2 rectifiers together?? Is it possible?

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  • Running 2 rectifiers together?? Is it possible?

    I have the 4.5 gallon copy chrome kit along with the 20 amp cc/cv rectifier and so far it has plenty of power for anything that I can put in the buckets. My thought is eventually plating more than 320 sq inches which is the limit of my 20 amp rectifier.

    Can I buy another 20 amp cc/cv rectifier and "parallel" them together to get a combined 40 amps? Has anyone heard of doing this or would I need to just sell the 20 amp, and buy a larger 40 or 50 amp model??

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    If both power supplies are the same and they both have jumpers it's possible. I know you have to reconfigure the jumpers to do it, so you will need the manual, most manuals will tell you how to run them in parallel and in series.


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      Yes they would be identical rectifiers. It is the 20 amp cc/cv model that caswell sells. I did not receive a manual or any kind of paper work with it. do you know what would need to happen to make this possible.

      My concern is with both rectifiers "seeing" each other in a parallel setup that it would create a dead short and kill both units.


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        I'm not familiar with the Caswells rect. but I'm pretty sure they don't have jumpers on the back. Try contacting someone at Caswells and ask them, they are very helpful.


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          Generally, no they can't be paralleled.

          In the case of the Chinese CC/CV (3 and 20A models) I have looked at the circuit design in detail. The 20A uses a TL494 Voltage mode PWM controller, not a later Current Mode PWM controller (like a UC3843). You can parallel Voltage mode PWM units, through coupling diodes (high current Schottky units) but unlike current mode, not without them. Attempting this with no diodes invites disaster. There are no "jumpers" anywhere (inside or out) to allow this. Identical units is irrelevant here. These are not $700 units, ever wonder why?

          This is being worked on as we speak.


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            Fibergeek, since you replied in geek (no offense im a computer programmer) and not in english, for now I'm taking the answer as no. When the time arises that I actually need more power I will acquire then and make a decision. Thanks for all the help.....

            fxstcguy98, thanks for your help as well....


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              I replied in "geek" because no "english" explaination is posssible without glossing it over, and losing the technical meaning. (no offense taken)

              There is a 6V 100A CC/CV unit in the works, designed specifically for plating. This one uses a proper current mode PWM. Don't ask me questions about it right now.


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                I understand about the explanation. I'll keep an eye out for the up and coming cc/cv unit. It will be awhile before I outgrow the 20 amp model. THANKS!!