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chroming before or after welding

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  • chroming before or after welding

    I am interested in chrome plating some furniture peices. I could make them of steel or aluminum. I have some questions about the size. As they are too large to fit in any bucket (obviously) do i make them in peices, do the plating, and then attach the peices? Will welding affect the chrome? Or, am i looking for a larger setup than is advertised on this site?

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    You're in a bit of a pickle. In order to weld you want a clean bare surface of the metal you're welding. Chrome plating will interfere with this. Also the high heat resulting from welding will almost certainly delaminate the plating.

    Of course once the goods are welded together it will be all but impossible to make up a plating tank in your home big enough to accommodate it. But plating the goods after welding will also plate up the weld joints and assure a uniform appearance.

    If you can find an alternative to welding, then make the unit up, mechanically fit and fasten it, then disassemble and take it through the plating process a part at a time (including any fasteners). Afterwards, assemble the product.