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  • copper plating wax

    I've just ordered a copper plating kit and silvaspray. I would like to make a small hollow copper form by electroplating the wax (covered in silvaspray) then melting the wax out. Will silvaspray stick to wax nicely? Is there one kind of wax that would work better than others? (I was planning on using paraffin.)
    Also, on the Caswell Copper Plating Kit page, it suggests making a mold from wax and conductive powder.
    Is conductive powder needed along with the silvaspray, or does it function just like silvaspray does?
    Do you use the conductive powder as a coating, or mixed into the wax?
    Thank you!

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    I doubt that the Silvaspray will stick to wax.
    You should try covering the wax with graphite powder or copper powder, then try copper plating it.
    Mike Caswell
    Caswell Inc
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      Thank you for the reply!
      You suggest covering the wax with graphite or copper powder before copper plating. So would I use the graphite or copper powder instead of the silvaspray? And where would I get it?
      Also, is the graphite or copper powder the conductive powder, or is it something different?
      Thanks again,


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        Parafin melts at a very low temperature. Higher temp waxes can be found at jewelry supply stores. These harder waxes show more detail when carved.


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          Thanks for the advice about the paraffin. Do you know anything about conductive powder on or in wax?


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            Not to hijack the thread, but I will be trying this soon, too. Anyone ever mist a wax form lightly with spray adhesive so that the copper powder sticks?