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nickel thickness.........

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  • nickel thickness.........

    im getting a paintball marker nickeled , .... i would like to know since i took out all the small grub screws will i need to tap the threads again.

    i know if it was chrome you would need to ,.... i didnt know if nickel would have the same problem.

    any help would be appreciated

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    My experience with fine threads is that if you are plating for 30 minutes or so at the current specified in the manual (60-100mA/sq in), you shouldn't see any effect of significance on the threads.

    If you are plating up for an hour or more, and the threads were tight fitting to start with, you may have to clean the threads with a die to make them thread in easily. Most machine threads have enough play that a few tenths of a mil will not affect the fit.

    I don't see how chrome would have any additional affect, since chrome over nickel adds insignificantly to the plating thickness. If you're talking about a restored part that may have received multiple coats of copper prior to the nickel and chrome, then it's another story.



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      thank you sir ......thats all i needed to know