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Staining on electroless krome

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  • Staining on electroless krome

    I plated a piece and it turned out reasonably well, except for the sections where the string I used to suspend the part in the bath.

    I dropped in the part that was blemished, and allowed part of the piece to be above the water.

    Big mistake - looks like the acidic fumes coming off the bath discolored the kromed sections above water. I now have large brown/black blemishes on the part over the water.

    How do I get rid of this? Can I plate over it? I was actually thinking of having the piece bead blasted, since it is actually shinier than I like.

    Please help, ASAP!


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    Re: Staining on electroless krome

    Just strip the plate with the nickle stripper and re-apply.
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