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need help with my new plug n plate silver kit

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  • need help with my new plug n plate silver kit

    Hello guys i have a question. im plating some small copper pieces with silver to try to lower there resistance some.. i used the dip method with the wand supplied and the 1.7 ps. the problem is that as soon as i dipped the parts they turn a nice silver so i let them sit in the solution for about 1 min which turns the parts a dull gray. after words i polish the parts but it seems the base copper shows through in areas.. to prepare these copper pieces they were cleaned and polished to a high shine then degreased with lacquer thinner and dried throughly and i use rubber gloves throughout.. is the 1 min submersion not enough time? i didnt heat up the solution will that help.... thanks for the help. albie niziolek

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    Increase your immersion time for a thicker silver plate which will withstand the buffing process.
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      i will try that .. what i have been doing is dipping the part for 10 sec.then taking it out for a few then re dipping for 10 sec.. i do this 3-5 times and i havent gotten any black smut at all this way...

      also when do i know its time to buy new solution or a new annode?
      exceltent product.. albie


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        I have to wonder if air agitation would help. Have you tried it?



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          I've found you really have to watch the polishing after the plating when using a mechanical polishing system. I've pulled plating off even with a non-cutting compound. Have you tried hand polishing?