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    How does the copy chrome kit compare to the triple chrome electroplating?

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    1. Copy chrome contains no chromic acid, which requires extra caution (vapors are harmful). With true chrome, you'll be wise to consider a fume hood, which you won't need with copy chrome.
    2. Copy chrome requires fewer tanks to final plating
    3. Power supply requirements are much lower with Copy Chrome
    4. Durability is similar unless you're subjecting the plated items to harsh outdoor environments.

    Some people think the color isn't quite the same as chrome, some think it's close enough. You'll have to decide for yourself. Try a small quantity on a sample part as a practice towards getting into plating. Once you get it right, if you prefer true chrome, you can get the extra tanks and nickel instead of copy chrome, a fume hood, larger power source for the chrome tank, and you're on your way. Just about everything you learn will be applicable towards triple chrome.

    In other words, if you're new at plating, copy chrome is a nice way to get started rather than diving in with a full triple chrome kit. And, if you like the look of the copy chrome, you can stick with it and have a safer, simpler plating shop!