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Tarnish or Corrosion of Copy Chrome

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  • Tarnish or Corrosion of Copy Chrome

    I have been able to obtain great finishes on my copy chromed items, but I haven't been able to keep them from tarnishing in outdoor environments. I have tried several protective polishes and waxes, and to date have had no success keeping the surfaces from deteriorating.

    From all my reading, I have gotten the impression that copy chrome, though a different colour than true chrome would be as impervious to the elements. Obviously this is not so, and it can't be used for outside applications.

    Am I correct im my observations, and will I be forced to purchace the true chrome kit to get the results I was expecting.

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    I have your exact problem, and I found the Copy Chrome will tarnish if you even look at it the wrong way. I would have used tin had I known.


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      Re: Tarnish or Corrosion of Copy Chrome

      Im not sure why you guys are having this problem with the copy chrome I have been using this product for a little over a year and I give a one year wnty on all my work . I?ve plated on everything from classic car parts to radio restoration to guns ect and have not had anything come back for a protectant I use a simple once a year car polish and have been thinking about zoop seal
      has any one tried this
      Jim Eaton