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Filling pits in steel in preparation for nickel plating

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  • Filling pits in steel in preparation for nickel plating

    I want to nickel plate some old steel parts that are pitted. Is there a filler I can use that will allow me to nickel plate over it? I don't want to use a zinc base substance because I want to avoid copper plating first (this item never had a copper layer and I want to restore it).

    I didn't know if the steel filler of Solder-IT allows you to plate over top or not. Also, could a fiberglass filler be used and then sprayed like you would when preparing cloth for plating?

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Caswell says you can plate directly over pit-stop. I just finished a job and am sorry I didn't use the pit-stop first. You could also try a tin solder, but the pit-stop seems like much less of a hassle.


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      Filling steel pits before nickel plating

      I'm just getting ready to do this myself on an old revolver-I'm going to use a homogenized solder with a melt temp of 425f. If that does not sail, i will try the above method.