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  • customandsound

    Someone had a similar problem like mine, but just to let you know that I am going from cyaniade to flash from caswell. My problem is the alum. I am getting very small blisters and just a few and they might take a few days to even show up but I get nervous every time I do alum. I have tried a lot of different methods and found that my temp. and amps or very important but is my acid copper the same. I have to go lower than I think on the amps just to make sure it doesn't blister but is it a easier way like you said, go 50% more on amps for 30 seconds and then drop down on amps. It does good on pot metal and steel.
    My plating shop is doing good unless I get a lot of alum. then I start making mistakes and get behind on jobs, I guess I am not comfortable with the flash yet and have to get all the kinks out.

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    i been reading up on plating and from what i found so far i try to do this even when i powder is to use a zincate or zinc pretreatment. i got a plug and plate set up off a freind that used it for small detail parts i get somewhat good results but i want to try to go bigger and set it up for cycle parts and case covers and may valve covers little parts but enought parts to make the part stand oud some..

    Thanks for the info and advice