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Need starting advice for chroming or alternatives

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  • Need starting advice for chroming or alternatives

    If I want to start learning plating (especially chrome or finish just like chrome), I will do it on smaller parts from mopeds, motorcycles and cars, and the parts will have old chrome (or chromelike surface).
    It's more about getting a nice look on older vehicles that are not used every day, than getting a hard durable surface...
    What is the suggestions, what kit should I start off with ?
    I guess the basemetal can vary and also the old surface...

    I'm thinking of the plug'n'plate copy chrome kit... to avoid having to remove entire old finish...

    Very best regards

    Lasse Gustafsson

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    Did you get any suggetions yet? I want to start a rechroming shop in my area and I thought I would read some of the questions and their replies to see if it was for me.


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      If I had it to do all over again I would try to find a plating shop and see if I could hang out and watch what it takes to plate. I am a small part time plater (about 3yrs old) and I jumped in head first. It's ok if you just have the time but now it takes all my spare time to keep up. I made my set up (60 gal. tanks) from different company's and learned on my own and ask questions from other big time plating company's to make it where I am know. If you just want to do small parts for fun you can go with some of the kits caswell has and do fine but still it's more than you think just to get a good finish.
      Go with the triple chrome kit, but to do it right you have to have alot more equipment to go with it. Don't take me the wrong way just research real good before making a move. Just to give you an idea, I have about 20.000 invested in all my equipment, but I do have chemicals in storage and I have diffent strip tanks, cleaning tanks, and aluminum plating tanks to go with the triple plating line. If you have any questions just ask.


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        Thanks for your advise. One big question, is there work for a plating and metal finishing shop?


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          Yes it is, I don't even advertise and I get plenty of business, someone is always making, or reworking something.


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            fly are you strapped by alot of environmental regulations. I am wondering if that maybe the reason you dont see alot of chrome shops around.


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              No I try to do everything by the books, but I have not told the (EPA) about my operation because it is small and I only do it part time. The reason you don't see many shops is that it's not as easy as everyone thinks and it takes money to get started, I tried to sell my business as a complete setup but no one wanted to spend the money or take the time to learn how to do it. Trust me you have good days and bad ones. There have been days were I made eight to nine hundred but some days I just had to shut it down and come back the next day. Some parts you might do 3 to 4 times before you get it perfect, thats another thing I am a perfectionst, but you have to, to keep good business.