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Muratic Acid to remove Gun Blue?

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  • Muratic Acid to remove Gun Blue?

    Anybody had success with removing gun blue using Muratic Acid? My parts are from a new gun. No pits, scratches etc? I need to know how long to leave my parts in the solution? They are steel parts, and I am assuming I need to leave them in until the blue is gone. Am I correct? I don't want to scar these parts.

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    If it was me I would just go to my buffer and polish it to a bright shine and then your ready for plating. I did a gun the same way, you might have to do a little grinding first before you buff, but if you leave the part in the acid too long it will eat the metal.


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      Thanks, I have noticed the Acid will remove ANYTHING! However it will leave some of your parts "eaten"