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    I recently purchased some of the Caswell "olive" chromate. Interestingly, the color when the two components is mixed with distilled water is a reddish/yellow, which I thought was strange. When using it, no matter what I try, I cannot get it to give me a green finish on my zinc parts, all I can get is a funky yellow. Leaving the parts in for too long hoping for it to turn green causes the chromate to "eat itself" off of the part and also seems to attack the plating. I have tried many times on fresh zinc parts and cannot get anything close to a satisfactory olive/green color.

    I have some of the "old" formulation green chromate from Caswell from a few yrs ago and it is dark green/black in color as mixed. It works fine and I get a nice greenish look on my zinc parts.

    What happened to the old "good" formulation and what is Caswell selling now and why?