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chrome plating myth.

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  • chrome plating myth.

    Hello all, just thought I would dispell the old myth. I have heard it many times, from many different sorces, that chrome is a "transparent" coating and what you actually see is the underlying nickle (I believed it too at one point, I've heard it so many times). Bullcookies, you can't see through chrome even if it is 1 millionth thick, it is by the way metal, you can't see trough metal. If you need further proof, look in the photo albums to see a copper tube that was plated with chrome only, no nickle was used. If you still need proof, try it yourself and see. Knowledge is power. Later

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    That is true about what the nickle or even the copper looks like is what you get as a end result. But chrome plating the copper pipe I am not sure, because I was told by a help consultant that plating copper would contaminate the chrome tank.